Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2nd sem...

November 10, 2008 - This was the first day of our classes in our second semester but unfortunately our class schedule was not yet fixed that's why we decided (me and my schoolmates, my batchmate supposed to be...) to go to TESDA Regional Office to get their Certificate of Competency.

....we just dropped by at city homes and walk for 200 meters going to TESDA Campus.see the picture... it was really hot that day, well it's really obvious with their faces..

TESDA here we come....

....inside the Campus

The Main Building...

...the place was so clean it's really obvious in the picture

TESDA Canteen...

Working Area inside the Campus

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  1. Can you post more pictures about your school and town or city.


  2. mentor, thanks for a comment, its my pleasure to have a comment coming from a Cebuano expert blogger like you...anyway regarding your request, its really part of my plan but i can't surely post it right away because of my schedule in school.

  3. Yes in from Tacloban City. Its cool! Glad to join your chat room.

  4. hope that you will really join in our room..see you there",)


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