Sunday, November 2, 2008


These was the moment when we went to cemetery to visit our love ones who had already passed away. These day was also the especial time to show them that even if we're busy with many things we still have time for them.On All Saints Day, we celebrated these saints of the Lord, and asked for their prayers and intercessions. The Feast of All Saints is a holy day of the Church honoring all saints, known and unknown. All Saints Day is tied in with the concept of the Communion of Saints.Catholic and Orthodox Christians believe that the saints of God are just as alive as you and I, This is the belief that all of God's people, on heaven, earth, and in the state of purification (called Purgatory in the West), are connected in a communion. The saints are not divine, nor omnipresent or omniscient. However, because of our common communion with and through Jesus Christ, our prayers are joined with the heavenly community of Christians. St. Cyril of Jerusalem (AD 350) testifies to this belief.

the following pictures are all my personal shots when i was at my province BASEY, SAMAR...

Atmosphere at night of All Saint's Day (Basey Cemetery)

Candle light to Eternal Life...

<=The Business activity beside the main road is still observed During All Saint's Day at Basey Cemetery like selling Candles, flowers, food, water and soft drinks...

The road at night...

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