Saturday, November 8, 2008

task for today...

Aquariums are beautiful to look at. It's like going to an underwater world. It's also very relaxing to watch the fishes in there. But behind this beautiful and relaxing scenery, you really won't bother to think how it maintains its exquisiteness, how it was cleaned. Well this was the reason why I post this blog, I want to show to you how hard it takes to maintain its beauty.

The materials...

As you can see the water in the aquarium is already orange. This means that its not already suitable for aquatic life..

Gross! The picture above is the waste of the fishes...

The fishes are starting to panic...


This cat was always passing to fro in front of our house while we were cleaning. My Grandma was the one who was really watching the cat, getting ready for its attack..haha..ü

Washing time...hehe..

make sure to put anti-chlorine if you use the water in the faucet...

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  1. wahhh..rindu pulak aku pada aquarium..huhu~..~

  2. tnx for another commentary..even though i can't understand what you are trying to say..haha=]


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