Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A one of a kind journey to CATBALOGAN",<

A trip to Catbalogan",)with Owen and Querubin was really interesting because all of us were just a first timer to go to Catbalogan...while we're in the van i started to capture some shots because i knew that this kind of travel, or this so-called experience will be memorable to us.

Querbin, the one who's smiling and the serious guy in the pic is Owen. Obviously, I was the one taking the pic since i'm nowhere to be seen.

I think our co-passengers were already irritated with us because we were so noisy.

we're in paranas samar in these photo...

finally we already arrived at catbalogan and that was already around 6pm!.. (charging time..haha..) but before we went to the debutant's house, the tricycle driver got angry with us beacuse we forgot to pay..haha

..anyway we don't know them but there nice to be with",)hehehe...

The two godfather of baby felicity...

Happy 18th Birthday JULIE ANN!!!

The Debutant dancing with his father....

the eighteen candles..

The 3 among the f4...who do you think am i?LoL..

A happy morning had come =]....

My dragon tattoo at my back with my name "RAIN"....
The last picture that i had captured before we went back to tacloban...because i feel dizzy when we're already in the van because before we traveled back to tacloban we drunk a beer first..haha..
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