Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hi everyone my name is rain and i'm18 yrs of age and i stand 5'6. i was born within the month of September, year 1990 at Basey, Samar. I am the eldest and I have a brother and 2 sisters. I am taking up BS Nursing at Holy Infant College. Well i can say that

I am MOODY, SENTI, and kinda EMO type of a person. These qualities are often times misinterpreted by my friends that's why they got irritated with me and because of these i hurt their feelings uncounciously.
I'm not really that good looking person but somehow I'm lucky with girls. So it doesn't really matter with the looks, but it indeed matter with how good you are inside. As for my hobbies i like singing, dancing, playing guitar, volleyball, basketball, and other things. Moreover, because of my low self-esteem, I can't really show to other people what I can really do, like for example singing. i get nervous immediately when I'm infront of a crowd. Well also, I am not picky with friends beacuse for me the only important thing in friendship is respect. RESPECT YOURSELF, OTHERS and especially GOD. I also admit that I am not a good Christians but I'm trying to be good. Mostly my friends are telling me that my physical attributes are not compatible with my age because they said that i look matured enough with the way i look, and well I agree with that but when it comes with the maturity in thinking they said that I am really matured, I also agree with that but only in some aspects. Forgive me guys with the language that I am using. I admit that I am really not that good in English but I assure you that I am really trying my best to have this thing staight and for you to really understand the things that I want to impart. I will really appreciate if you'll make some comments regarding with my grammar and also with anything you want to ask or argue with. I'm still a beginner here, so I'm really, really open to criticisms. I really anticipate from you. Hope you'll enjoy this blog of mine. gOd bless and more power.

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